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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Alec Fisken launches campaign to return to Seattle Port Commission

Terrific news today for everyone concerned about responsible governance at the Port of Seattle: Former Commissioner Alec Fisken, who led the way earlier this decade in uncovering the abuses of the Mic Dinsmore regime, announced that he intends to file next week for the position that Lloyd Hara is vacating.

(Hara, first elected to the Commission in 2005, has decided to run for King County Assessor this year. He is hoping to succeed Scott Noble).

Fisken previously served on the Seattle Port Commission from 2004 up until the beginning of 2008. He narrowly lost his reelection bid in November 2007 to Republican businessman Bill Bryant, who spent twice as much money and campaigned aggressively in the last few weeks of the cycle.

"The Port of Seattle has so much to offer and I've lived and breathed these issues for much of my life," Fisken said in a news release, explaining his decision to run for Commission again. "I have the experience to ensure that taxpayers of this county not only get a fiscally responsible Port, but one that reflects their values for a clean environment, good working-wage jobs and transparent governance."

He noted that Hara was elected on a pledge to drill down into Port's finances. "Commissioner Hara scrutinized the Port's budget and was a champion for fiscal responsibility and sensible spending. I plan to continue his work and the progress that has been made to give the people of King County a responsible Port."

We're longtime fans of Alec's and we couldn't be more pleased that he is stepping forward to seek office again. The Port of Seattle benefited greatly from his critical eye, professional expertise, and pursuit of transparency earlier this decade. Now the people of King County have a chance to rehire Alec and put him back to work strengthening our Port.

We hope voters don't squander the opportunity.


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