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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Agree to our debate, GOP bedwetters

Via both TPM and Eschaton comes some discussion of why Democrats really need to fight back when Tim Russert says things like this:
COLMES: That's why -- you know, candidates of both parties should come on this show. They don't. Democrats don't want to go on with him; some Republicans don't want to come on with me. I think that's wrong. And I think Democrats make a mistake not allowing a debate to take place on the FOX News Channel.

RUSSERT: It's a TV show. If you can't handle TV questions, how are you going to stand up to Iran, and North Korea, and the rest of the world?
Beyond the obvious responses (some unprintable choice expressions come to mind,) I like the suggestion made by Atrios that The Nation and Air America offer to sponsor a Republican debate and see what happens.

Or hey, why not NPI? If Republican presidential candidates won't agree to a debate in Seattle hosted by NPI, with a panel of our choosing, then they are just a bunch of scared bedwetters. We'll make sure there aren't any scary taco trucks in the vicinity, just to assuage their fears of the other.

You know, this is actually fairly simple stuff, we just don't turn it around on Republicans often enough, probably because we understand how juvenile it all is. (Did I remember to throw in the term "bedwetters" yet? Ah, yes, I see that I did.)

But to conservatives this is all very serious stuff, how their pet propaganda network must be hailed as legitimate, because otherwise it calls into question other traditional media practices.

For example, we have the host of Meet the Press saying foolish, foolish things. To suggest that refusing to cooperate with an opposition propaganda network means Democrats would be weak on national defense is patently ridiculous.

Dissing Fox Noise doesn't have anything at all to do with al-Qaeda or North Korea, but for some reason I do have a hankering for pumpkin pie. (OK, now that was juvenile.)

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