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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Steinbrueck to leave Seattle City Council

Saying that "I feel like this era’s come to an end", one of Seattle's most respected elected leaders is departing the City Council:
Surrounded by friends, fellow architects, and his three siblings — David, Lisa, and Matthew - City Councilmember Peter Steinbrueck announced at an American Institute of Architects gathering tonight at the Hotel 1000 downtown that he will not seek reelection to the city council (as first reported in the Stranger.)

Instead, he will focus on working to defeat the new elevated Alaskan Way Viaduct supported by Gov. Christine Gregoire and most of the state legislature, and to promote the surface/transit option, which has gained momentum as opposition to a new elevated viaduct and a politically moribund tunnel has grown.
His decision not run again will almost certainly touch off a huge battle to fill the office. As for Steinbrueck, he says his immediate mission is to defeat a new viaduct - and he may set his sights on higher office in the years to come.

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