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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Republican rat love

Kagro X has an important message for all Democratic candidates and activists, in a post entitled "Getting separated from the herd:"
Think the Edwards campaign's blog troubles ended with Amanda Marcotte's resignation? Think the Edwards campaign's blog troubles end with Edwards?

Think again.

As predicted, right wing activists have detected in the sheepish silence of the other Democratic presidential campaigns an opportunity to separate yet more top contenders from the herd, and turn Democrats against Democrats.

First on the block: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Congratulations, geniuses. And best of luck to you.
There's a term for what Republicans do that dates back to the Nixon administration, a term that I'm probably not allowed to use here. But it involves rats and um, affection. Sometimes it's more politely referred to as "dirty tricks."

And basically the entire Republican Party, from the national level on down, is organized to deliver rat love to Democrats. If you are an activist in your community, you may even know how your local rat lovers operate and how downright twisted they can be. We certainly recall the infamous fake sex offender postcard here in Washington, which is just one glaring example.

It's pretty clear that the Swiftboating will only increase through November, 2008, as an unpopular president and an unpopular war continue to drag down the GOP's chances.

There's only one logical thing to do when the baseless smear attacks start: ignore them and hope they just go away. It worked quite well for John Kerry, who is doing a bang-up job in the White House these days.

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