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Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Grange really, really needs to move on

They're so obsessed with reinstating the blanket primary in some form or another that they want to do away with political parties altogether:
The state Grange, still hoping to scuttle Washington's unpopular "pick-a-party" primary election system, is promoting a plan to make all of the state's political offices non-partisan, including governor and seats in the Legislature.
Why they're wasting their time fighting a losing battle is hard to figure out - they've been told, advised, and urged to let go of this, but they can't. What they are proposing now is completely unacceptable. Editorial writers in the traditional media have previously called the Grange's threat to try making all races nonpartisan "a cure that's worse than the disease".

The open primary is here to stay. The Grange should just get used to it.

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