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Friday, February 02, 2007

Chasing speeders with a tricycle

The FEC says it will do something about "527" organizations such as and Swift Boats. From The Washington Post:
The Federal Election Commission said yesterday that it will police "527" groups, political organizations that largely operated outside the new campaign finance limits during the 2004 presidential election, by looking at how the groups word their appeals for contributions, how they describe themselves, and how they spend their money.

If the groups make clear that they are advocating for or against a specific candidate, the FEC would regulate them.

"We're providing clear guidance," said FEC Chairman Robert D. Lenhard. "This makes it clear that the existing rules will be enforced."

The FEC filed the 44-page explanation of its approach in U.S. District Court yesterday in response to a lawsuit challenging the agency's effectiveness in regulating the independent groups.
And only three years after the 2004 election, no less! Talk about quick.That sure is comforting to all the dead people in Iraq and New Orleans.

I'm beginning to see agencies like the FEC and PDC as increasingly marginal. They can police all they want, and by the time the complaints are filed and reviewed, the election is over and then some. Fox Noise Channel and other conduits for Big Stinky* transmit the lies instantly. It's like trying to stop speeders by reading to the cars from the sidewalk, then chasing them with a tricycle. Three years later.

Public financing, anyone?

*Big Stinky is my pet name for rightist stink tanks. You're welcome.

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