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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Bill to bathe Sonics in taxpayer money a huge insult to the people of Washington

When it comes to outrageous handouts for billionaire sports owners, there's nobody more eager to pony up than Margarita Prentice:
Legislation that would provide $300 million in taxpayer money for a new Seattle Sonics basketball stadium is ready to go, said Senate Ways and Means Chairwoman Margarita Prentice, D-Renton.

"It will [sic] authorizes King County to approve an arena project," she said.

The proposal calls for redirecting the public contribution from the early retirement of bonds for projects such as Safeco Field, the Kingdome and Qwest Field.
Prentice stupidly expects that other lawmakers will follow her lead. She told the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:
Other lawmakers have "enjoyed letting me stick my neck out, which I have done from time to time, but there will be support for it," she said.
We'd like Margarita to explain why she expects "other lawmakers" to join her adamant, fervent concern for the financial health of special interests. She's like an extension of the Sonics' front office!
Prentice said she expects the final site selection to be announced before the hearing.
Uh-huh. Prentice's favoritism towards the Sonics is an embarrassment to the entire Democratic caucus. With so many other priorities in need of attention, this is the Chair of the Ways and Means Committee's top concern!

Her bill is nothing less than a colossal cop-out to the sports industry...and more specifically, NBA team ownership. We strongly, strongly urge the Legislature to reject this foolishness. It's time to end the subsidies, the giveaways, the tax exemptions. It's time to end ridiculous corporate welfare.

If Clay Bennett wants a new stadium, he and his co-owners can pay for it themselves. At their own expense. They've got plenty of money.

They don't need public assistance. They just pretend they do. But when you have supporters in the Legislature like Margarita Prentice who are willing to give you cash by the bucketful...every penny you ask for... why would you even consider financing an arena by yourself?

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