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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Baker's back with anti-immigrant initiative

Mercer Island resident Bob Baker, a former "Minuteman" project volunteer, has refiled his failed 2006 proposal to deny public benefits to undocumented immigrants. The initiative, which does not yet have a ballot title or a number, is apparently unchanged from last year.

It was filed with the Secretary of State last Tuesday.

Baker and his band of right wing zealots (which happens to include Martin Ringhofer of Soap Lake, the ideologue behind an unsuccessful attempt to start a recall campaign to remove Secretary of State Sam Reed in 2005) were not able to raise much money last year. Their biggest contributions came from one Stanley Blunt of Abderdeen, who donated just over $2,000 total in May of 2006.

Baker's initiative certainly lacks momentum and appears to have next to no support, thankfully. Unless Baker can find a sugar daddy like Michael Dunmire to bankroll his proposal, he's unlikely to make it to the ballot in 2007.

The other right wing initiatives filed so far this year include Tim Eyman's "Minority Rules" initiative (designed to allow Republicans to control Olympia during the 2008 legislative session) and Ken Hutcherson's effort to roll back Washington's recently expanded civil rights law, which recently received a number (I-963).

It would be a blessing not to have any right initiatives on the ballot this year, but odds are we'll have at least one to contend with and maybe more.

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