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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Anti-monkey bigots from Discovery Institute

Flash back two years to the Kansas evolution hearings:
The state's board of education yesterday kicked off a spirited four-day hearing on proposed changes to school science standards that could determine how evolution is taught to the children of Kansas -- five years after voters rebelled against a state school board that had sided with creationists.

Employing a courtroom format similar to the famed 1925 Scopes Trial in Tennessee that pitted creationists against evolutionists, the dispute seemed similar - only this time evolution's critics insist science, not religion, is their motivation.

Instead of relying on pens, these lawyers used PowerPoint projections in an auditorium packed with local residents and journalists from around the world.

The ''jury" consisted of three school board members who had already made up their minds - a veterinarian, an elementary school teacher, and a former preschool operator. All three continued to make clear, as they have in the past, their personal doubts about evolutionary theory.
Thankfully, the state of my birth has rejected the arrogant intrusion into their educational system by the outside agitators from the Discovery Institute, so my nieces and nephews will stand a chance of getting into college. Which, you know, is kind of important. But why does John McCain hate monkeys? I demand that John McCain fire John McCain.

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