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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Pacific NW Portal: Two Years

"I could spend hours there - if I had hours to spare!"

- Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown, on Pacific Northwest Portal

One of the Northwest Progressive Institute's most important projects, we're proud to say, turns two years old today. Pacific Northwest Portal, launched in January of 2005, has grown in size and scope as the essential gateway to news, information, and the hundreds of progressive blogs within the region.

The above quote from Lisa Brown ran in a Spokesman-Review feature two days ago on January 29th ("Senator keeps in touch") which profiled the Majority Leader's favorite Internet destinations. Indeed, Pacific NW Portal is a top bookmark on the browser toolbar of many lawmakers' computers.

It's hard for us to believe it's been operating for two years, though it has. It's certainly a much more stable application than it was when it was first launched. Seven hundred and thirty days, or twenty four months if you like, have gone by since I posted this announcement of the Portal's debut on January 31st, 2005.

We've strived to continuously improve the Portal. Major improvements in the site's history after the initial luanch included Versions 2 (February 2005), 3 (True Blue - July 2005), and Seaside (May 2006). The full development history is listed on this page. We continue to work on improving the site - development is never finished.

To everyone who has visited Pacific Northwest Portal or recommended it to a friend or fellow activist, thank you. We especially appreciate those bloggers that link to the Portal or display a "Syndicated" link button. Your support is invaluable and sincerely appreciated by all of us at NPI.

We're excited to have reached this milestone and we hope you are, too.

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