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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Send us some cheese eating surrender monkeys

I guess Europe is okay now, since George W. Bush wants their help in Afghanistan. Alhthough he didn't exactly ask nice. From the BBC:
US President George W Bush has berated Nato members reluctant to send troops to Afghan hotspots, demanding they must accept "difficult assignments".

Speaking just before a Nato meeting in Latvia, Mr Bush said members must provide the forces the alliance needs.

Several Nato nations have caveats that keep their troops out of the most dangerous areas of Afghanistan, where Taleban forces are strengthening.
It truly boggles the mind how incompetent this administration has been. Afghanistan is a trouble spot again partly because Bush's government decided to divert resources and attention to the misadventure in Iraq. Let's not forget that in doing so, members of Bush's government and their supporters made a great number of disparaging remarks about Europe, including Cheney's infamous "old Europe" comment and the now infamous hate-radio insult "cheese eating surrender monkeys."

The truth is that more does need to be accomplished in Afghanistan. But with our military hollowed out by the neo-cons, we find ourselves reliant on those the Bush government found fit to dismiss a few short years ago. It's likely NATO members will act in their own self-interest, and it would still be advisable to go after the Taliban in Afghanistan, but they have domestic politics to consider as well.

The arrogance and stupidity of the Republican administration bites us in the rear once again.

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