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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Seattle winter weather update

Many road conditions have improved as of this afternoon, so if you MUST go out for something, now is the time is to go. But don't venture out unless you really have to. Better to stay at home.

Here's an advisory from Waste Management about garbage collection:
There will be no garbage or recycling collection in the Puget Sound Area by Waste Management today, Tuesday, November 28, for the safety of their employees. The Waste Management Customer Service Center is also closed.
Lightning strikes were also reported at Seattle Tacoma International Airport earlier, and "thunder snow" was reported in some neighborhoods around the Sound.

It sounds too weird to be true.

It reminds me of a sequence in one of Lewis Black's standup routines in 1998:
It doesn't matter...the weather is out of control across the entire country. Wherever you go - one day it's ninety, the next day it's thirty; then it's eighty, then it's twenty.

I knew that the weather in this country was completely out of control and that something was wrong ten years ago.

I was in Boston, Massachusetts, in February. OK? Normally, in February, in Boston, and in most of the country, the weather is gray, rainy gray, sleet gray, rain gray, sleet gray, snow gray, every day it just gets grayer... and grayer...and grayer.

But in that February, in Boston, in four days, I experienced five seasons. It was thirty, it was sixty, it was ninety, it was twelve! And on the last day, there was thunder, lightning, and snow...together!

And I hadn't done drugs! 'Cause when you're lying in bed, OK, and you hear thunder outside, you get up to look, you have an expectation. And it's not snow, with lightning behind it. That's...not...right! They don't even write about that kind of weather in the Bible!
Meanwhile, the state Department of Transportation website has slowed to a crawl because so many people are trying to access it. The National Weather Service is forecasting a low tonight of 18 ° Fahrenheit. Any moisture on the roadways right now is going to freeze over fast after darkness falls. That's why you need to get back home before the daylight runs out.

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