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Monday, August 21, 2006

Cantwell rallies supporters at Tractor

Senator Maria Cantwell spoke tonight to an energized crowd of supporters at Ballard's Tractor Travern, part of a 26 stop "Putting Us First" tour. The event, billed as "Seattle Unites" was a unique conclusion to the tour's first nine days.

Bradbury Press Plays for Cantwell At The Tractor Travern

The event featured several high profile King County Democrats, including Executive Ron Sims and Congressman Jay Inslee, as well as Congressman Jim McDermott. Featured bands included Ellen Says No, Bradbury Press, and Will Wakefield and the Congress Hotel.

Cantwell, who gave the keynote speech, sounded as fresh and invigorated as I've ever heard her. She's been in the District of Columbia so much recently that it was great to see her campaigning with supporters for a change.

Cantwell spoke of needing to "change the agenda" and shake up the establishment in our nation's capitol. A few sound bites from her speech (Cantwell did not read from prepared remarks):
On Iraq: "We want to change the course in Iraq, not stay the course in Iraq."

On healthcare: "Every small business owner should have access to the same healthcare that I get as a United States Senator."

On education: "I want to invest in Pell Grants. Everyone should be able to afford a college education."

On McGavick's ability to self fund: "Now I have to fight against somebody who may be able to put in ten plus million dollars in this campaign...that's why I'm counting on all of you."

On moving forward: "Let's put it in drive and get this thing going."
Six years ago, Senator Cantwell promised to travel to every county, every year - and she's kept her promise, traversing our beautiful Evergreen State tate and listening to constituents' concerns.

Recently, the Senator was in Bremerton meeting with local veterans and seniors and discussing healthcare, and made it clear that she shares the priorities of Washingtonians.
Every American deserves access to quality, affordable health care and prescription drug coverage. Unfortunately, the president and the Republican leadership keep abandoning Washington seniors to higher drug costs, and failing Washington veterans by cutting funding for veterans' health care. Those are the wrong choices. We can do better.
Can there be any doubt that the campaign is now in full swing?

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