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Sunday, August 20, 2006

2006 and the netroots wave

Notable Kossack kid oakland has a fine diary up on DailyKos in which he points out examples of outstanding Netroots Endorsed candidates across the country, noting that while each one is unique, they share one thing in common: they're backed by a force of local activists who are all part of one movement, one trend, one wind of change:
You see, wherever we have a powerful netroots candidate we also have the development of the ingredients of a netroots wave. Local blogs and local grassroots activists create energy for other nearby races. That's what a netroots wave is about. We in the netroots aren't just interested in winning for winning's sake: we believe deeply and passionately that our country's leadership has failed us, and we embrace those candidates ready to help us make change in our state houses and in Washington D.C.

You could see this conviction, feel it even, in how we interacted last June at Yearlykos. We in the netroots are serious and energized. We are building this wave district by district and state by state. We in the netroots are working together...we are hungry for exactly the kind of change that these new leaders represent...and it shows.
Kid Oakland is right. The other side can waste their time with insults. We mean business. We are indeed tired of Republican control of Washington D.C., right wing dominance of the media, and always being on defense. We want to accomplish something - namely, we want to win back our government from the criminals who are in the process of dismantling and destroying it.

We are building an institution that specializes in strategic thinking and development of progressive ideas/values. A volunteer organization driven by the grassroots - both online and offline.

We are laying a foundation to help build the infrastructure that will allow us to match what the right wing has at its disposal. And this infrastructure will be movement powered - not establishment powered.

The Northwest Progressive Institute is an example of that. We are open to any progressive activist who wants to make their voice heard.

We are working to develop an evolving platform on just about every issue, from economic policy to civil liberties, from healthcare to energy, that can be used as a compelling alternative to the failed conservative agenda.

A platform available to all progressives through the world's greatest marketplace of ideas - the Internet.

We understand that beating the right wing can't be done in just one election cycle. While supporting great candidates like Darcy Burner, Peter Goldmark, and Richard Wright, we're also assembling a clearinghouse of ideas and solutions.

Merely pontificating on the sorry situation our country is in gets us nowhere. There is nothing to do but work as hard and tirelessly as we can for a more progressive future. We cannot afford to become cynical or burn out.

We just need to keep going.

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