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Friday, July 07, 2006

Initiative Deadline Passes

Today was the last day for initiative campaigns to submit petitions to the Secretary of State's office for qualification. Consequently, we now have a very clear picture of what statewide measures will be on the ballot this November. Here's an overview:

INITIATIVE 917. Why it's a threat | Download flyer
Sponsored by Tim Eyman and financed by his wealthy multimillionaire backer Michael Dunmire, I-917 would gut some $2.7 billion in statewide transportation funding approved by the Legislature last year.

INITIATIVE 920. Why it's a threat | Download flyer
Sponsored by Dennis Falk and financed by prolific Seattle developer Martin Selig, I-920 would wipe out the state's estate tax, which provides $200 million each biennium for the Education Legacy Trust to fund essential programs — like smaller class sizes and student financial aid.

INITIATIVE 933. Why it's a threat | Download flyer
Sponsored by the Farm Bureau and financed by a New York real estate mogul named Howard Rich, I-933 would destroy land use protections, wreak havoc on the planning process in Washington's communities, take away homeowners' rights, and effectively nullify the state's growth management act.

INITIATIVE 937. Why we support it | More information
Sponsored by a diverse coalition of progressive organizations and individuals, I-937 would guarantee that by 2020, 15% of the electricity from Washington’s largest utilities comes from plentiful and home-grown renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar, and help homeowners and businesses save on energy bills.

Ballot measures that didn't make it include Referendum 65, which would have asked voters to legalize discrimination, Initiative 921, which would have imposed mandatory life sentences for some first time sex offenders, and Initiative 946, which would have taken public benefits away from illegal immigrants.

We want to thank all of the activists who contributed to Permanent Defense's reporting system over the last few months. The system is being taken offline and will be evaluated and strengthened for redeployment next year. In the meantime, Permanent Defense has already begun mobilizing to oppose Initiative 917, Initiative 920, and Initiative 933.

We'll be adding news tools and resources soon to help activists in the fight against each of these dangerous right wing initiatives, so check the Official Blog or Permanent Defense's website regularly for updates.

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