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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Live from Yakima: The Platform

We've finally moved beyond speakers and charter amendments and we're now deep into the discussion on the platform.

There was an attempt to end further amendments to the platform, thereby ending debate and review of the platform. The vote, which required a two thirds majority, failed, 377 to 328. The tally committee (including me) was called into action for that vote because it was too close for the chair to call.

We made it through a few sections, like Agriculture, Education, Energy and the Environment, and we were talking foreign policy when a second attempt to end debate on the platform was made. That attempt, coming at about 5:15 PM, was successful, and it appears we're about to vote on the platform as a whole.

UPDATE: After a really, really, really long debate, we have just passed the platform, 376 to 213.

ANOTHER UPDATE: We're now trying to consider a lot of resolutions all at once. Somebody has moved that we adopt the Platform Committee's recommendations on time sensitive resolutions (like opposing Initiative 933, for example). This is a sensible proposal because the state party actually could make a difference against some of these right wing initiatives, whereas the state party can do much less about resolutions concerning national or international issues.

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