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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Pelz, Rodriguez running to succeed Berendt

An update on the race for state party chair: it seems this is going to be a contest between two main candidates, both of whom have now declared their intentions to pursue the chairmanship.

Greg Rodriguez
Previously elected as the Treasurer of the King County Democrats in 2000. Two years later, he was elected Chair of the King County Democrats. He made a run for state paty chair a year ago but lost to Paul Berendt, who decided to run for Chair again because of the gubernatorial election controversy. This year, he was the Treasurer for Washington Defense PAC and contributed significantly to the fight against I-912. NPI's executive director has endorsed Greg for Chair. Bill Phillips, a candidate for Chair in 2004, has endorsed Greg. (See an interview Greg did with Evergreen Politics last January here)

Dwight Pelz
Dwight is retiring as a King County Councilmember. This year, he ran for City Council against Richard McIver and lost. (NPI issued a dual endorsement in that race supporting both McIver and Pelz). Dwight was an early supporter of Howard Dean. He has also been a state senator and director of WA Citizen Action.

Richard Kelley, Bill Phillips, and Mike Cooper have all made it clear they aren't running for the position. My guess is that outgoing chairman Paul Berendt will endorse Dwight Pelz as we get closer to the state meeting at the end of January, but who knows. We believe either of these gentlemen would make a good leader for the state party. As for me, I'm personally supporting Greg, but a Pelz win wouldn't be a disappointment.

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