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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Liberal television

There's been a lot of talk in the past couple of years about creating a left-wing equivalent of some kind to FOX News, or at least launching some kind of venture to balance out the imbalance FOX has created.

This week, we took one small step towards liberal television with the launch of As described by the Washington Post:
The Democrats are getting their own talk show -- in cyberspace.

Two Democratic political consultants are preparing to launch a weekly online political talk show that will showcase the party's message, lambaste Republicans and, they hope, open a new front in the ongoing media wars.

It's called, and each Tuesday, the Web site will feature 20 minutes or so of talking-head chatter from a rotating cast of young Democratic operatives.
It's more like a weekly progressive video blog, but again, it's a small step in the right direction, and worth checking out to see the content value.

Other than the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, there's not a whole lot of cable television out there for progressives to watch. It was hoped that Al Gore would change this, but he's not doing that. As Kos (of Daily Kos) explains:
I still see references all over the place about Gore's cable network, with people wondering when the "liberal cable network" will launch.

Gore's network [INdTV] is not a "liberal news" operation. It's not our version of Fox News. It's going to be a post-MTV generation "reality show"-type network. The idea, as I gather, is to have shows where viewers tape their own segments, send them in, and the best get aired. Or something like that.

However, there's big money working right now to create that Fox News alternative. It just won't happen anytime too soon (as in the next year or two), and it won't be led by Al Gore.
Our alternative to FOX News may be years away, but thankfully we've at least begun making strides to counter the right wing echo chamber on talk radio. Air America and Democracy Radio have proven that liberal talk radio can be successful.

And 1090 AM is beginning to push towards connecting with the local community, allowing progressives to sign up for the "Precinct 1090" club. Hopefully, local progressive talk shows on 1090 aren't too far off. While we wait for a liberal news and views channel, though, we'll have to settle for the Daily Show and Internet ventures like DemsTV.

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