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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Help Save ANWR - Critical Vote TODAY


According to the right-wing noise machine, they have the votes to open up the most pristine wildlife refuge in the country to oil exploitation.
ANWR opponents [notice the right-wing framing?], led by Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., stripped the drilling revenue language from the 2005 budget resolution on a 52-48 vote. Since then, three pro-drilling senators have replaced three opponents, meaning that if no other votes change, the measure would pass, 51-49.

Republicans Jim DeMint of South Carolina, Richard Burr of North Carolina and Mel Martinez of Florida replaced Democrats opposed to drilling while the three Democrats who voted for it in 2004, U.S. Sens. Daniel Inouye and Daniel Akaka of Hawaii and Louisiana's Mary Landrieu, have not changed their position.
Drilling. Miles of pipeline constructions. Earthmovers and bulldozers ripping through ANWR.

There was a recommended diary up here today that's already fallen off. Let's recommend that one back on, or this one, or another, and make this today's battle. Time's running out.

Things to do:

Call Sens. Inouye, Akaka, and Landrieu - let them know that a vote against this amendment is just a vote to debate this issue on its own merit and a vote against GOP backdoor shenanigans.

Call Sen. Burns. Let him know that he will lose, just like his hand picked gubernatorial candidate, in 2006 if he turns his back on conservation.

Call the moderate Republicans in the Blue States. Tell them they will be punished the next time they are up if they don't start representing their states' values.

Call Kerry's seven: Senator Coleman (MN), Senator Smith (OR), Senator Specter (PA), Senator Martinez (FL), Senator Lugar (IN), and Senators Gregg and Sununu (NH).
Senator John F. Kerry joined environmental groups in mounting a last-minute lobbying effort to sway the votes of seven moderate Republicans.

Kerry sent an e-mail to his supporters yesterday seeking donations for an "emergency ad campaign" on the Internet aimed at those lawmakers, including New Hampshire's senators, Judd Gregg and John E. Sununu.
And call your own Senators. Let 'em know their voters care about the Arctic Wildlife Refuge.

Update: Here are some phone numbers. The more you add to the comments (plus a reason to add them), the more I add here.


Landrieu (D-LA) has voted for drilling before - Voice lines: (202)224-5824, (504) 589-2427, (225) 389-0395, (318) 676-3085, (337) 436-6650; Fax lines: (202) 224-9735, (504) 589-4023 (225) 389-0660, (318) 676-3100, (337) 439-3762

Martinez (R-FL) is likely for drilling, but one of the Kerry 7 - 202-224-3041 or (407)254-2573

Specter (R-PA) moderate Blue State and one of the Kerry 7 - 202-224-4254

Gregg (R-NH) moderate Blue State and one of the Kerry 7 - 202-224-3324

Sununu (R-NH) moderate Blue State and one of the Kerry 7 - 202-224-2841

Burns (R-MT) could be swayed in light of pro-coservation Montana - 202-224-2644

Inouye (D-HI) just spoke FOR drilling today, so call only if you've hit the others - Voice lines: 202-224-3934, 808-541-2542, 808-242-9702, 808-935-0844, 808-642-0203, 808-935-0844, 808-245-4611, 808-623-8334; Fax lines: 202-224-6747 , 808-541-2549, 808-242-7233, 808-961-5163, 808-560-3385, 808-961-5163 808-246-9515

Lugar (R-IN) is one of the Kerry 7 - (202) 224-4814, (317) 226-5555, (260) 422-1505, (219) 548-8035, (812) 288-3377, (812) 465-6313

Akaka (D-HI) voted for drilling before - Voice lines: (202) 224-6361, (808) 522-8970, (808) 935-1114; Fax lines: (202) 224-2126, (808) 545-4683, (808) 935-9064

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